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Introducing Geniall, empowering startups for growth

Growth Marketing Accelerator is a personalized support program for late-stage startups that need to scale their sales exponentially.

The program has certifications in Digital Marketing, Online Advertising, Inbound Marketing, e-commerce, Social Selling and Full Stack Development with additional modules in raising capital and networking with investment funds.

World Class Certifications

The Marketing, Sales and, Technology teams will be certified
to focus on their exponential growth

Social Selling
with LinkedIn

3-month program where we help you design and execute an online sales strategy with Sales Navigator and new technologies for B2B and B2C models

Skills you will develop
  • Use Sales Navigator as an expert
  • Find teh correct audience for each business unit
  •  Connect with your potential market
  • Execute Social Selling strategies
  • Create efficient sales messages
  •  Develop your personal branding
  • Create a content strategy to connect & interact with your community
  • CRM Integration
This program includes special LinkedIn benefits for Startups:

Email Marketing
& Automation​

3-month program where we help you design and execute your email marketing & automation strategy so that your conversion funnel successfully nurtures your prospects

Skills you will develop
  • Acquisition / Inbound Marketing
  • Nurturing / Content Marketing
  • Conversion / Email Marketing
  • Retention / Content Marketing
  • Buyback / Marketing Automation

Full Stack MERN

5-month program where you will develop your soft skills, hard skills and agile methodologies with the necessary knowledge to become a certified Full stack developer. Powered by

Skills you will develop
  • Hard Skills
  • HTML 5 / CSS3 / Git / Git Hub
  • Java Script
  • Bootstrat / Responsive Design
  • Agile Management
  • Sprints Review / Sprints Release


4-month program where we help you design and run your eCommerce plataform so you can migrate to an online sales model with the necessary knowledge to become a certified eCommerce expert.

Skills you will develop
  • Digital Assesment
  • eCommerce Plan
  • Trainig
  • Planning

Cooming Soon

Online Advertising

4-month program where we help you design and execute your online advertising strategy to boost your digital marketing plan and grow your sales exponentially

Digital Marketing

4- month program where we design and execute your digital marketing plan in 8 stages that will ensure your exponential growth with the necessary knowledge to become a certified digital marketing expert.

Batch 1
Ganadores Certificación Full Stack Ninja Developer

Batch 1
Ganadores Certificación Social Selling de Linkedin

How will it work?

Board of Directors

Daniel Dron

CEO at Social Me

Javier Cueto

CEO at Grupo Imagine

Abraham Geifman

Marketig Director LATAM

Anabella Laya

CEO Acreditta

César Avilés

CEO at Escalab Academy

Daniel Capuano

Creative Director at Social Me

Geniall Ambassadors

Be part of the ecosystem of experts
who will help technology entrepreneurs
in Latin America.

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Geniall es una iniciativa de Social Me

Social Me is a digital transformation agency that works in a network with more than ten thousand digital talents in Latin America & Spain.
Social Me incorporates digital education as a central component of its consultative methodology in the design and execution of its digital strategies for its clients in
Latin America.

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